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Self-care & massage


Welcome to your next steps in effective self-care.

Greetings, I am Alex, the owner of Maximus self-care & massage.

My massage therapy career has flourished for over 8 years.

I love to help people feel well, and working with you

towards a better way for health & wellness is my goal.

Let's work together and change things for the better.



 Massage Sessions

Welcoming NEW CLIENTS at this time! 

There are a variety of available time slots.

Time between client appointments has been increased to better clean.

Where to find me

I am currently operating in West Seattle. I also have a location at

3435 California Ave SW, suite 100 A, Seattle, WA 98116.

Days & Times

Hours of service:

Monday:       11am - 9pm

Tuesday:        11am - 9pm

Wednesday:   Closed

Thursday:       11am - 9pm

Friday:           11am - 9pm

Saturday:        11am - 9pm

Sunday:          11am - 8pm


Your Therapist


After practicing massage therapy for over nine years, possessing a natural talent and passion for healing others, I have developed a unique take on massage. Problems are assessed with a "Let us see what we can do together to get you better" process.  My intention is a collaborative process of enhancing your self-care and returning to feeling better. 

My specialties are deep tissue, sports, and trigger point and are very treatment focused. If you are comfortable with deep pressure, the benefits of this method may be a great fit for you.


Session Length & Price

                       60 min massage $ 110

                       90 min massage $ 165

                     120 min massage $ 220

massage and cost

Get in Touch

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Call or Text (406) 273-1446

located at 3435 California Ave SW, Suite 100 A, Seattle, WA 98116

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